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Such as live artists, fancy dress, race nights and Easter bonnet so please make a note in your diary for the below dates.

Saundersfoot Treat

Sarah the boys and I had a great day over at Saundersfoot today. We popped over the Saundersfoot sailing club to see if I could have a go at sailing, and I managed to sign up for their push the boat out event on the 12th May. We took a good stroll from Coppet Hall through the old tin tram tunnels into Saundersfoot, the boys trying to echo all the way through the tunnels. On the way back from the sailing club we treated ourselves to an ice cream from the rock and fudge shop. After the boys demolished their Ice creams we went down onto the lovely golden sands. We were looking for Frisbee stones to skim across the water and current but shaped stones to make a big splash. Alfie thrilled us by writing his name in the sand and drawing some great pictures of trains and boats. When we got to the rock pools between Saundersfoot and Coppet hall we couldn’t resist hunting for some treasures and as usual we were not let done. As well as the usual but still fascinating shrimp, winkles, and the odd crab we also found a great brittle star and a large starfish. What a treat!