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Smugglers at Amroth

The boys and I went to Amroth this week and enjoyed our meal at Smugglers. The children love running around in the great pirate ship themed indoor climbing frame. We took a walk along the beach hunting for Frisbee shaped stones to skim across the sea. the boys count the bounces giggling with glee as the energy runs out and it makes lots of small hops before disappearing into the blue. they haven’t quite got the knack yet but enjoy looking for current bun shaped pebbles to make a huge splash, squealing as they run away from the onrushing waves. a trip to Amroth is not complete before the youngest has sploshed through the rock pools as I hunt for interesting inhabitants. We were all overjoyed at finding two fantastic starfish, they were only about 5cm from arm to arm but are the first we’ve seen at Amroth and having saw some bigger ones in Saudersfoot last month were both a great find and an indicator of the cleanliness of this stretch of coastline.

New Caravan For Rosehill

We received delivery of the new Willerby Canterbry static caravan. At 38 by 12 it was a tight squeeze around the bridge but Paul Morgan and the team from did an amazing job.

The van is an absolute dream looking both stunning in our woodland location on a super sunny May day and modern, spacious and luxurious inside, a real WOW caravan.

Come and have a look at the park we have this Willerby, a new ABi Tenby and a number of pre-loved caravans for sale. If your interested in renting one of our caravans go to the booking page or give us a call.

A sailors life for me

Having taken part in Saundersfoot Sailing clubs Push the boat out event where I got to try sailing for the first time since I was a lad, I was keen to take up the sport. The level 1 and 2 course started this week and I got out on the water in a two handed laser 2000. The younger and lighter sailors were using single handed toppers which looked fun but they started doing capsize drills which I was glad to avoid. Despite there being hardly a breath of wind we managed to do some reaching and gybeing, then when it picked up a little practised some tacking. I am keen on taking notice of the wildlife around and took advantage of the calm conditions to watch the antics o the grey backed and herring gulls. I was over the moon though to spot what I am sure was a porpoise; its dorsal fin crested from the water a few times close to the boat, it didn’t seem big enough for a dolphin certainly not as big as the ones I’ve seen in Cardigan Bay. It’s the first porpoise I’ve seen and getting so close has already made me a sailor for life.

Saundersfoot Treat

Sarah the boys and I had a great day over at Saundersfoot today. We popped over the Saundersfoot sailing club to see if I could have a go at sailing, and I managed to sign up for their push the boat out event on the 12th May. We took a good stroll from Coppet Hall through the old tin tram tunnels into Saundersfoot, the boys trying to echo all the way through the tunnels. On the way back from the sailing club we treated ourselves to an ice cream from the rock and fudge shop. After the boys demolished their Ice creams we went down onto the lovely golden sands. We were looking for Frisbee stones to skim across the water and current but shaped stones to make a big splash. Alfie thrilled us by writing his name in the sand and drawing some great pictures of trains and boats. When we got to the rock pools between Saundersfoot and Coppet hall we couldn’t resist hunting for some treasures and as usual we were not let done. As well as the usual but still fascinating shrimp, winkles, and the odd crab we also found a great brittle star and a large starfish. What a treat!